Probiotic + Prebiotic: Per un ventre equilibrato


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Vitapuro’s Probiotic + Prebiotic is an advanced formula crafted to support a balanced gut microbiome, the cornerstone of overall wellness. Inspired by Italy’s rich tradition of hearty, healthful cuisine, this supplement is designed to alleviate common digestive discomforts like gas, bloating, constipation, and abdominal pain.

Key Ingredients:

  • Advanced Probiotic Complex (10 Billion CFUs): Our comprehensive blend includes twelve carefully selected probiotic strains known for their gut health benefits:
    • Lactobacillus strains: L. acidophilus, L. plantarum, L. paracasei, L. gasseri, and L. rhamnosus contribute to a healthy gut flora balance, aid digestion, and support the immune system.
    • Bifidobacterium strains: B. lactis and B. bifidum/lactis are crucial for maintaining gut barrier integrity, enhancing nutrient absorption, and reducing inflammation.
  • Advanced Prebiotic Complex (250 mg): Comprised of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and Inulin, this blend acts as food for beneficial gut bacteria, promoting their growth and activity to support digestive health.

Other Ingredients: The formula is encased in a capsule shell made from HPMC and purified water, ensuring a vegetarian-friendly and hypoallergenic delivery system.


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